Here you will find just a taste of some of Drew Maxwell’s general illustration artwork. Working with a large range of clients, Drew utilizes various artistic styles to bring creative concepts to life including film posters, magazine covers, children’s books, editorial artwork, fine art paintings, general illustration and more.

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BOBA FETT - the Clint Eastwood of space!

Everyones favorite bounty hunter.

M MAGAZINE - I was asked to create the 20th anniversary cover for M Magazine.

M MAGAZINE - Illustration for M Magazine about Wisconsin food culture around the country.

MILWAUKEE OLYMPICS - Magazine Illustration.

LONG LUNCH - Magazine Illustration for a story about two sisters enjoying european cafe lunches.

SHOOTOUT - Book Illustration for a story about a blind gunslinger.

BIG FISH - Children’s book illustration.

GUARDIANS - Film Poster.

KUROSAWA - Love old samurai films!

GODZILLA!!! - King of the MONSTERS!!!!

HOLLYWOOD KILLS - Horror film poster art.

ARC - Thriller film poster art.

BAD HAIR DAY - Children's Book Illustration.

THE STAR MECHANIC - Book Illustration.

FINAL DRAFT - Feature film poster artwork.

DEAD ASTRONAUT - Personal work for a upcoming art project.

Thanks for looking!

CENTURION - Illustration for the cover of a historical novel.

ATOMIC FIST BUMP! - Promo Illustration of Xander from comic fist-bumping with his robot friend ‘Prime!’

OUCH - Illustration for a magazine article about pain management.

INSIDE - One of a series of magazine Illustrations about woman’s health.

GRAY MATTER - One of a series of magazine Illustrations about woman’s mental health.

SUNFLOWERS - Part of a series of magazine Illustrations about woman’s breast health.